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Concealed Handgun Courses

Concealed Handgun Courses

Each state is different in there requirements to carry a weapon and some state do not recognize the conceal carry licenses from others.


A 5-hour course which meets the state of Florida requirements to obtain a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP).
This lecture only course focuses on the state of Florida’s laws pertaining to the owning and carrying of weapons and firearms as well as there uses. Specifically Florida Statute 776: Justifiable Use of Force, and Florida Statute 790: Weapons and Firearms.
You may decide to take an online course or a two or three hour lecture. However, doing so may not give you the quality instruction or exposure to the civil and criminal liabilities associated with the potential use of a weapon. The knowledge from our course will aid you in confidently making the right choice during a life or death situation.

Course Fee: $80